People generally do the price comparison once, make a selection of an online travel agency based on that comparison at that point in time and then stick to the same travel agency for all their future travel needs assuming that prices here will remain the lowest.

This is a flawed approach. Like any retail stores, none of the online travel agencies offer lowest prices for all products/services consistently at all time. One does need to always shop around to get the best deals. And that is all Nanajee.com does for you.

Instead of consistently using one travel agency as its search engine, it shops around for the best deals every time, and just points you to the place where you can save most money. That’s why you would notice that some time Nanajee.com points you to Travel Agency A and sometimes to Travel Agency B. It i not travel agency loyal, neither it has its own travel agency, it is just customer loyal and saving loyal. Period.

Nanajee.com does not collect and/or store your personal information. The only information submitted to Nanajee.com website is about your intended travel dates, places, number of travelers and their status i.e. if they are adults or minor which is completely generic in nature and cannot be related to any person. Personal information is needed only when you are in process of actually making the reservations and/or buying some services and all that process is conducted on the website of actual service providers, not on Nanajee.com website. Information on their security measures and policies will be available on the respected service providers websites.

As explained, instead of limiting its search to a particular online travel agency or its search engine, Nanajee.com searches all lots of travel agencies and their engines to get you best prices. When it finds out where to get best prices it points you to the right place where you can make your purchases, This way you always get the lowest prices sometime from one travel agency sometime from other.