The 8 Best Restaurants for a Business Dinner in Toronto, Canada

The 8 Best Restaurants for a Business Dinner in Toronto, Canada


Renowned as the business center of Canada, Toronto is a bustling city full of experts and potential. It comes as no surprise that business dinners are a regular event in this dynamic city. Selecting the ideal restaurant is crucial when trying to make an impression on partners, colleagues, or clients. A business dinner can be made or broken by the atmosphere, food, and service.

Therefore, you don’t need to search much farther for the best restaurants in Toronto to seal the deal. In this article, we will explore the best ten restaurants in the city for a business dinner, which are listed below.


Canoe, perched in the TD Bank Tower high above the city, provides a dining experience unlike any other. The restaurant’s elegant and modern Canadian cuisine is complemented by the stunning perspective of Toronto’s skyline. A canoe is a great option for business dinner because of its stellar reputation for service. Even the pickiest palates will be pleased by the menu’s variety of dishes that highlight the best Canadian delicacies.

Scaramouche Restaurant:

For more than 35 years, Scaramouche Restaurant has been a Toronto institution, and its reputation is well-earned. The restaurant serves modern cuisine with an element of French flair. An extra plus is the breathtaking view of the city from the floor-to-ceiling windows.
Scaramouche is a great choice for business dinners because of its stellar service reputation. The menu offers a wide range of options, with a special emphasis on using ingredients that are fresh and locally produced.

George Restaurant:

It is located in a historic building near the heart of downtown Toronto, is a fine dining establishment that has garnered numerous accolades over the years. The menu, designed by Executive Chef Lorenzo Loseto, showcases his culinary expertise with innovative Canadian cuisine. The restaurant’s intimate and sophisticated ambiance is perfect for a quiet business dinner.


The Michelin-starred restaurant Alo is renowned for its excellent modern French food. This setting is private and elegant, perfect for making an impression on your guests. Each time you visit, you can count on a new and distinctive eating experience because the menu is often updated to exhibit seasonal foods. Alo is a great option for business meals where attention to detail is essential because of its flawless service.

Harbour 60:

Combining a taste for great dining with a touch of classic sophistication, Harbour 60 in Toronto is a top choice for business meals. This classy steakhouse provides an elegant atmosphere for successful conversations and memorable client meetings.

A good wine list and a large assortment of premium steaks create an elegant ambiance that is ideal for leaving a memorable impression. Your business dinner will be done flawlessly by Harbour 60’s attentive and experienced staff, allowing you to focus on your goals. Harbour 60’s combination of exquisite eating and sophisticated surroundings makes it an excellent choice for establishing beneficial business partnerships, whether you’re meeting clients or colleagues.

The Chase Fish & Oyster:

Nestled in the heart of Toronto, The Chase Fish & Oyster provides a cool and welcoming environment for business dinners that skillfully combines refinement with a relaxed seaside attitude. The restaurant is a great option for people looking for a more relaxed yet stunning atmosphere because of its emphasis on seafood and oysters, as well as its wonderful, spacious decor.

Enticing fresh fish alternatives, a rooftop patio with city views, and a lovely oyster bar make The Chase Fish & Oyster an unforgettable venue for team building and client meetings. A seamless dining experience is guaranteed by the attentive staff, who make it simple to find the ideal ratio of comfort and professionalism.

The Chase Fish & Oyster is a great choice for your next business meal because of its great seafood and relaxed atmosphere, which is ideal for sealing a deal or forging better connections.

Moto Kasa:

The elegant Japanese restaurant Kasa Moto is in the center of Yorkville. It’s a fantastic option for business dinners when you want to make a modern impression because of its stylish and sophisticated ambiance. The menu offers a unique and fascinating culinary experience by fusing traditional and modern Japanese dishes.

Restaurant Cano:

Located on The Verity Club’s historic grounds, Cano Restaurant is renowned for its sophisticated atmosphere and contemporary Canadian food. The restaurant offers an epic and fascinating eating experience with a menu that highlights seasonal and local ingredients. For an exquisite and sophisticated business meal, the private dining rooms are ideal.


Toronto provides a wide variety of restaurants for business dinners. There’s a restaurant to fit any occasion, whether you want contemporary Canadian food, traditional steakhouses, or international cuisine. Recall that the ideal dining establishment can create a memorable impression on your guests and set the tone for a productive business meal. Selecting one of these top 8 eateries will put you in a good position to have a successful and memorable business dinner.

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