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Travel expenses for a trip are increasing day by day, along with other necessary checklist items like airfare, renting a car, etc. Finding the right and less expensive hotel room can make a certain difference in your travel experience.

However, hotel rooms in the right places, like those near unique locations or nature, tend to be costly. They can also be one of the biggest dents on your budget, but luckily, there are many ways to find the best hotel room deals and save money for your stay. 

So, here I am presenting some tips and tricks to help you find a cheap hotel room for your next trip.

1: Book directly with the hotel:

It is always better to do some research before booking a room in a hotel because many hotels offer affordable and exclusive discounts. The best and one of the easiest ways to save money is to book the room directly with the hotel.

I mean, they offer promotions and packages on their websites or over a phone call for direct booking. 

Furthermore, if you book the room directly, you will save on the extra charges from third-party booking sites and reduce your travel expenses.

2: Use price comparison websites

Another way to get the best deals on hotel rooms is to use price comparison. As you know, with the use of the Internet, you have every kind of information just a click away. So, there are many websites especially made for price comparison, and I am mentioning some of them below.

These are a few of them, which can help you compare prices from multiple hotels to find the cheapest travel rates for your trip and rooms.

3. Check for last-minute deals:

Sometimes, we can be flexible with our scheduled travel dates and willing to be spontaneous. In other words, if it is possible, try to check for last-minute hotel deals, as they can be a great way to save some money for the trip.

Many hotels offer discounted rates for unsold rooms or sometimes for cancellations made by others, so the rates will be lowered. There are also websites for last-minute booking, for example, hoteltonight , to check if there are any great deals on a hotel room.

4: Use Coupon or promo codes

Make sure to look for discount or coupon codes before making your hotel reservation, so you may save money. These vouchers are frequently available through the hotel’s loyalty program or email newsletter, as well as through discount websites like RetailMeNot and Groupon.

5: Book during off-peak travel times.

Traveling in the period of normal days, like working days when there will be no special occasions like Christmas or other festivals, this is called the off-peak period.

Hotels during these days offer lower rates, especially midweek when there is less demand for rooms. You can easily save some expenses for your trip by following this tip.

Moreover, booking your hotel room during an off-peak season can help you avoid crowds and enjoy a more relaxing travel experience.

6: Negotiate the rate

Many hotels are willing to offer lower rates if you negotiate with them or ask them to do this. It will be more impactful if you book your hotel room during a slow period. So if you are booking over the phone or in person, don’t hesitate to negotiate the rates.

There is another point: if you are traveling with a large group or staying for a long period of time, you can discuss the lower rates based on volume. Hotels also offer different packages based on different duration of stay; you can also check them.

7: Use a Travel Agent:

Consider engaging with a travel agent if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all your alternatives for obtaining the best hotel room price. Travel agents can help you locate the lowest rates for your travel dates and budget because they have all the information about the deals and packages for special offers.


Finally, before making a hotel reservation, do your homework and study traveler reviews. Websites like TripAdvisor, nanajee and Yelp can offer useful information about a hotel’s amenities and general quality, as well as advice and recommendations from other guests who have stayed there.

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